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“We Buy Mortgages”

William Mortgage Corp. has been buying seller held mortgages since 1961.  We are a family owned company that can act quickly and are very flexible in the purchasing process.  We are not brokers.  We are investors buying for our own portfolio.  This gives us flexibility in what we purchase and how quickly we act.  We can buy notes anywhere in the USA.  Located in the Tampa Bay area, we are based in Safety Harbor Florida.  We have sister companies in Nashville Tennessee and Dallas Texas that help us serve our customers better.

We have bought mortgages with various types of collateral:

  • Single Family 
  • Multi-family
  • Apartments
  • Vacant Land
  • Mobile Homes and Land
  • Mobile Homes without Land
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Farmland

Some of the more unusual mortgages we have bought include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Bowling Alley
  • Dog Kennel
  • Boxing Gym
  • Churches
We have purchased:

  • 1st Mortgages
  • 2nd Mortgages
  • 3rd Mortgages
  • Wrap-around Mortgages
  • Parts of Mortgages
  • Business Notes
We have bought notes in over 20 states.  We have knowledge in purchasing Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Notes, Land Contracts, and Agreement for Deeds.
Note broker inquires are welcomed.
Many experienced note brokers call us with their unusual transactions.
Call or email us today for a free quote.
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